Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Royal Website

Wills and Kate have a wedding website!

Their wedding website - - launched today!

The website includes information about the service and reception, a twitter feed from Clarence House (the official residence of Princes William and Harry), a link to the The Royal Channel on YouTube, and a Flickr photo account.

The site will even have the latest information on Kate's wedding dress, which is probably the most highly anticipated aspect of the wedding and a visitor's guide for London if you plan on visiting during the nuptials.

I wonder if Kate had a hand in creating this website.  Think she brought it up to Wills on day at breakfast?

Kate: Hey honey.
Wills: Yes dear?
Kate: I think we should have a wedding website.
Wills: A wedding website?
Kate: Yes.  A wedding website.  You know, like the ones that every other bride in the WORLD has.  I just need to feel like a normal, average, non-future-Queen-of-England bride sometimes.
Wills:  Sure, love.  Whatever you want.  Please pass the scones.

As a self-admitted Royal Wedding-ophile, I'll be checking this site everyday.   I have to get my fix somewhere and here it is.  All in one spot, wrapped up with a pretty purple bow.

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