Monday, February 28, 2011

Music Monday: Dream Duets

I love duets.  I love the blending of beautiful voices.  The feigned passion (or hatred). The longing.  The lust.

Often times, while listen to my iPod on my commute to work, I find myself listening to a song and wondering what artists I'd most like to see join up in the studio to record a song.

Dream Duets:

Lee Dewyze and Marc Broussard
-their voices have similar, gravelly quality and I feel like they would blend so well together.

Grace Potter and Ray LaMontange
- they've got the whole 70s folk-rock-soul thing down pat!

Sara Bareills and Michael Buble
- crazy piano chops + crazy swingin' singing chops = awesomeness

Natasha Bedingfield and Rihanna
- pop + smidge of rock + R&B.  Love it.

Adele and Joss Stone
- They're British and have a vocal maturity well beyond their years.

John Mayer and Keith Urban
- great guitarists and great songwriters.  Oh and they can sing pretty good too.

What is your dream duet?  

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