Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Superman Returns. And he's hot like fire.

Dear Ladies,
Behold and rejoice for we've found our new Superman. 


British actor Henry Cavill has been cast in director Zack Snyder's version of Superman.  The film is not due out until December 2012, which means that we have to 2 WHOLE YEARS to see him as the Man of Steel.

SO not fair.

Henry the Hottie has been circling leading man roles for years, just missing out on major parts like James Bond, Batman, and Edward Cullen.  

Henry was actually Stephanie Meyer's first choice to play every one's favorite over-possessive, creepy-watch-you-while-you-sleep vampire boyfriend, but when the movie started filming, the then-25-year-old Cavill was thought to be too old.

Personally, if Henry had been cast as Edward, I might have defected from Team Jacob faster than a speeding bullet.

Other actors Henry beat to play Clark Kent...
Matthew Goode
Matthew Bomer
Armie Hammer

And the man of my dreams... 
Joe Manganiello
I know, I know.  Crazy hot, right?  Try not to stare too long. It's like staring into the sun.

Anywho...so do you think the filmmakers made the right choice?  Who would you have cast?  Now that they have their Clark Kent, who do you think should play Lois Lane?


Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic said...

Allccciiiidddde. YUM.

Erica said...

Cannot wait for "True Blood" to come back. Hopefully he'll be on more this season because Bill Compton bores me.